Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free

Dublin meet Tyrone in this Sunday’s All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final in Croke Park with two teams standing on the brink of making some very different history.


The defending champions, aiming for a Fourth All-Ireland in a row, a sixth in eight years.

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A team of thoroughbred prizefighters led by the ruthless Jim Gavin, the trophy collector at the top, chasing records and making history with the casual nature of a person online shopping, a silent assassin picking off any challengers to his crown in the footballing world.

Mickey Harte stands on the opposite side, the old battler back again to this stage for the first time in ten years, with a new side full of youthful, skillful, and energetic faces looking to emulate the heroes of 2003, ’05, and ’08 Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free

The two best teams of the summer will clash on September 2, and as much as it will be a battle of physicality, of skill, and of system, the deciding factor will ultimately be that purest of emotional feelings: trust.

Trust in a process. Trust in a system. Trust in the fifteen that will take to the field to the field and the eleven on the bench.

And the Tyrone players know their process better than any other.

Harte has supplanted the tough-as-nails mentality of past sides into the current group without a hitch, and they are fully committed to the methods of playing he has always espoused.

This game will be a clash of systems. Tyrone will line out in their traditional double-sweeper mould. They will pack at least eleven, at most fifteen bodies behind the 45 when Dublin attack. Colm Cavanagh and Frank Burns will need to find and mark every little gap. Padraig Hampsey will have to limit Dublin’s ball-play on their attacking arc.

They will need to intensely press Dublin’s playmakers, the Kilkennys and the Fentons of this world. They know they can’t allow Dublin to have all of the ball, because they will be caught out.

Talk of an all-out defensive, 15 men behind the 45 and no engagement of the ball setup are overblown. It is a foolish strategy to fall completely into a defensive shell, and Harte knows this.

As much as Dublin might only score one point, Tyrone won’t score any regimented like that – and Gavin, along with every Dublin fan in the county, will gladly take a 0-01 to 0-00 win. It’s still a Dublin win after all.

And, crucially, Tyrone need not even have to resort to the absolute of anti-Dublin – for in transition, there are very few sides that can match the pace at getting the ball from A to B than Harte’s side. Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free Dublin vs Tyrone Championship Final live free

We’re just a couple of days away from the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship final.

According to the bookies, it looks set to be one of the most one-sided finals of all-time, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t turn out that way.

Dublin are long odds-on favourites to overcome Tyrone and lift the Sam Maguire for the fourth consecutive year.

The Red Hands were thrashed at the hands of Jim Gavin’s men when the counties last met at at Croke Park in the Championship last year and they know how tough it will be on Sunday.

We’ll bring you all the team news ahead of the game LIVE here over the coming days.

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